Thinking : Innovation, people

Does a company want to employ innovators?

Some work may not benefit from the introduction of innovators who may want to change things. Many jobs however would benefit from new ideas and new approaches. A company well blessed with innovators is likely to flourish.

How do you identify Innovative People?

  • What do you think tells you about a person, their clothes, voice, car etc.?
  • Can you find out a lot from qualifications, job history, hobbies etc.
  • Should you ask candidates to do something that they are unlikely to have met before to see how they generate possible solutions.

Does current staff selection recognise innovators?

  • Is your staff selection process capable of identifying innovators and potential innovators?
  • Are you locked into intelligence and psychometric testing without really knowing why?
  • If someone can quickly identify the pattern that belongs to a group of similar patterns, what does that tell you?