Thinking : Innovation, evaluation

Examples from Industry

"Within our team in fabrications we had some issues about putting sealant onto joints which within fabricated assemblies costs us a lot of time, many man hours of wasted unproductive processes in doing that. Sarah, one of the engineers in that area believed that straightforward simple domestic appliances would solve the problem. She didn't know which appliance would solve the problem. So she spent half a day to a day going around the local market and came back with a whole host of things you'd probably find around your own kitchen.

5 years ago, for us to do that sort of thing, for us even to allow Sarah to go around the market, would be unthinkable and I would immediately have had suspicions of ‘was she up to something else?’

She came back and within 2 weeks had found an appliance that solved that problem and in a very very simple way.

Now it’s provided a process that's 20% of the time of the original process."

Neil McKay - Operations Director Aerostructures, British Aerospace.

"Essentially we’ve taken a traditional technology of digitising for data capture, stood it on its end and said this can become a communication tool and now we are augmenting that breakthrough idea with software that makes the thing more usable as a communications device, and if you like, this is a new application of old technology which came out of a conscious process of searching for new ideas and new markets for that which we already had within our knowledge base. "

Mike Lawton - Director (Retired), TDS CAD Graphics