Thinking : Innovation, environment

Company Policy

  1. The company should have an open door attitude to new ideas. Even small companies should have at least one person who is responsible for bringing in new ideas.
  2. Make senior staff responsible for the environment and measure the new ideas and suggestions that are generated within a managers area.
  3. Innovation across organisational boundaries or from outside of the organisation can inject new ideas to established practice. Work with other companies and support organisations.
  4. Recognise that often, the greatest innovative leaps come from unknowledgeable sources from outside of the main stream of activity. Don't simply ignore ideas from unqualified staff.
  5. Simple but often highly rewarding improvements come from those with a deep knowledge of working practice. Make sure staff are well educated.
  6. Remove as many constraints as possible. Don't let the consequences resulting from failure quash expressiveness. Make sure that teams are not held back by obstructive individuals. Avoid restrictive regulations.
  7. Support and encourage staff to develop and have a positive and realistic attitude to work. Many people can have innovative ideas. It is the environment that unlocks this capacity.
  8. Try to see problems as opportunities to innovate.

Encouraging factors

  • Good Team Composition.
  • Supportive regulations
  • Wars (commercial wars) promote or accelerate innovation.

Stifling factors

  • The most serious of these things is the existence of a culture of blame within an organisation.
  • Poor Team Composition
  • Negative Regulations.
  • Constraining Pricing Policy

Who Creates the Environment ?

It is important that senior staff create an environment for innovation, this may be more important than being innovative themselves.

Attitude of staff

Staff should have a positive attitude towards innovation and change.

The Atmosphere

An expressive atmosphere encourages innovation but potential innovators must be sure that their ideas will be taken seriously.

What should happen in the environment?

Staff should have a positive attitude and should be allowed to experiment without fear of blame.

What will the correct environment achieve?

Many people have the capacity to be innovative but it is necessary to have the correct environment to unlock this capacity

External Forces

Uncontrolled influences can either erect barriers to innovation or can be seen as an opportunity to innovate.