Research on knowledge management

Knowledge management

Knowledge Management, as discussed in the 'knowledge' section of this web site, provides a broad ranging definition which covers the things which many people believe knowledge management to be.
I do not think about knowledge management in the same way it is portrayed by many other practitioners. For me, knowledge is something that a person, and only a person, knows. The things the person knows must be true if they are to be held as knowledge. The word ‘know’ has a strong meaning; it implies some authority. The contrast between ‘I think’ and ‘I know’ is one of authority.
The research conducted by AKRI Ltd is focused on the knowledge which people hold. The primary aim of this research is to study, analyse, evaluate and make visible the knowledge which is held by the practitioners of an organisation; the staff.
The majority (but not the entirity) of research is now carried out as a result of practical knowledge study and analysis in organisations. The main function of the work is to deliver valuable knowledge resource based information to customers. Research and development opportunities might then arise with the aim of refinement of method and tool. Sometimes general observation about how knowledge can be utilised by people and managed within organisations is possible.
It is accepted that many useful business functions are now carried out under the banner of Knowledge Management. However, the focus of AKRI research and development is most definitely the knowledge held and applied by people.