Knowledge: Knowledge engineering

AKRI is keen to improve knowledge engineering methods. In particular there is an internal need to develop a rigorous methodology for eliciting the structure of knowledge when interviewing domain experts.

Knowledge Engineering is a complex job that is generally accepted to be the elicitation, codification and sometimes activation of knowledge using computer systems. There are strong methods to support the elicitation process such as CommonKads.

This is not the only methodology but it probably is the most rigorous. Software that is both useful for general Knowledge Engineering and also supports the CommonKads methodology is PC Pack. This software provides a range of Knowledge Engineering tools, many of which have their roots in the psychology of interviewing etc.

CommonKads is not the only methodology however and it is certainly not the easiest to use. Whatever methodology is chosen or even if a Knowledge Engineer devises his or her own for particular applications, PC Pack may still be a useful tool.

In general, good Knowledge Engineers should know about knowledge and information (and how to tell the difference between them).

The knowledge engineer

The knowledge engineer is a computer programmer who translates the information elicited from domain experts into terms which cannot be easily communicated by the highly technalized domain expert
Knowledge engineers interpret and organize information on how to make systems decisions and  integrate that knowledge into computer systems in order to solve complex problems normally requiring a high level of human expertise.