Knowledge Study Specialist

Primary Goal

The primary goal of AKRI is to provide knowledge focussed decision support information for those responsible for the knowledge area through the application of Knowledge Structure Mapping.

This decision support information comprises of:

  • Knowledge area clarity and visibility
  • Knowledge Risk Assessment
  • Knowledge Sub Structure identification
  • Expertise coverage
  • Knowledge Growth Monitoring

A Knowledge Study delivers much more than this simple list can convey.

There is no better time to begin to bring the knowledge resource firmly within Business Control.

Knowledge Structure Mapping can help an organization achieve this and allow knowledge to feature as a key element of the organization's future.

Core Objectives

The core objective of AKRI is to develop and apply methods and systems that help in the understanding of knowledge and wisdom.

Understanding a knowledge resource can be thought of as a primary building block for future business improvement. It can also lead to the clarification of problematic situations and exploration of new, blue sky initiatives.

The promotion of appropriate approaches to innovation and business culture is also a core objective and a knowledge based focus on this is the key to the unique methodology employed by AKRI.