There is truth about everything but there is only one truth about anything. There is only truth about events past and truth is the event itself, composed of the elements which coincided to create the event. Efforts to create versions of truth or colours of truth are false; truth is what happened and nothing more but nothing less. There is no truth of the future. Truth transfers dominance to probability once now is passed.
Truth is like a bright beacon which illuminates the universe for anyone who cares to look. Truth does not always agree with a picture of the universe which some people care to believe in or through vested interests, which some people choose to create.
Efforts to destroy truth, to hack it down or to distort it will always fail. Truth cannot be destroyed. Many who try to distort or destroy truth are left with no option but to try to hide truth. They hide truth, as bright as it is, by creating likenesses of truth which are themselves distorted or malformed in the way which those people wished to distort truth. Truth remains, bright and clean but increasing numbers of distorted and malformed likenesses make it hard to find the original and only real truth.
Truth can often be easy to see and it can sometimes be hard to understand. Some look at truth and can only understand small parts of it so they to, create likenesses of truth which have the clearly visible features of truth but the complexities are smoothed over with convenient belief which rarely stands the test of time.
Truth is not magic or supernatural, it is simply there. We can look at truth and gain much from the parts which we can understand. We can gain more by seeking to understand the parts which are unclear. The path of humanity can become enriched by accepting that no matter how much we learn by uncovering more of the complexity of truth, we will continue to uncover new complexity which we must strive to understand.
Truth is our reward and our goal. We should respect truth, the bright unchangeable beacon and not try to hide it by creating imperfect and distorted replicas. Truth is not selfish or biased and the people who seek it must be the same. Sometimes it is easier to create a distorted and malformed likeness of truth than it is to face truth. Whilst some individuals can only see benefit in distorted likenesses, humanity can only benefit from the bright beacon which is truth.

John L. Gordon © February 2017

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