About AKRI Ltd

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AKRI is a limited company registered in England in 2005.

AKRI is listed as a business consultancy but it is a specialist company for knowledge and innovation.

It is a policy for AKRI not to attempt to oversell Knowledge or Innovation services or make exaggerated claims about them. However, AKRI does provide an excellent Knowledge Study service for any organisation and also has a sound background in business innovation.

The experience that AKRI offers has come from many years of collaborative research with business, from many collaborative projects and from a broad range of both commercial and non commercial knowledge and innovation projects with business and industry. The services offered by AKRI are based on sound foundations, on a truly supportive background and on considerable knowledge and experience.

Please look at a brief summary of the experience of the MD of AKRI for further clarification.

AKRI offers both knowledge and innovation services directly to any organisation. However, AKRI is a very small company and independently does not have the capacity to provide a large number of staff for a business project. This situation is addressed in one or more of several ways.

  1. AKRI delivers a pilot project directly and then delivers on going project work as needed by the client.
  2. AKRI delivers a pilot project and also trains staff from the client organisation to deliver the services themselves. AKRI then equips the client with the tools and provides additional on going support for the knowledge or innovation practitioners within the client organisation.
  3. AKRI provides extensive training for staff from the client organisation and then equips them with the tools to work completely independently. Typically, occasional refresher sessions would be desirable.
  4. AKRI provides a pilot project and then uses known and trusted partner companies to provide the service that a client may require for a larger project with short delivery date.

In the majority of cases, a fast and efficient service can be provided by AKRI directly and AKRI can help a client to select the best on going options for their particular longer term needs if required.